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BREAKING: Insecurity In Yorubaland: Akintoye Goes Digital: Unveils Pajawiri & Afinihan To Tracks Criminals

  “We have now proven to the world that we cannot be captured nor be subdued. We are too intellectually sophisticated to be subdued….It is these Innovations and intellectual powers that we will deploy to get ourselves out of the quagmires of Nigeria”. PEGASUS REPORTERS, LAGOS | DECEMBER 27, 2021 In what could be likened to an innovative way of ...

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Ilana Omo Oodua Endorses July 3rd Yoruba Nation Rally In Lagos

  “Ilana Omo Oodua and its associates have concluded arrangements to hold the Lagos State version of the Yoruba Nation mega rallies on Saturday, July 03, 2021. It promises to be a blast as we finally sink the ill-fated amalgamation in the Atlantic ocean, welcome to the shining glory of the black race!” PEGASUS REPORTERS | JUNE 28, 2021. The ...

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