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Farewell to a Yoruba, Muslim Princess – Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde

I will start with a footnote on the billionaire Bishop, David Bello Oyedepo. He was born a Muslim, named Hasan by his father Bello Oyedepo. His mother was a Christian who converted to Islam when she married Bello. Bello had three other wives. After his higher education, Hasan became David. He instantly became a strong, aggressive and successful Christian activist. ...

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Those Not Permitted To Marry More Than One Wife in Islam

  By A. Haroun If (man) your marriage is characterised by any of these, it will be near impossible for you to conduct a polygyny that would be fair and free of problems:   ●The one who is very poor and has not been able to meet the BASIC needs of his family. You should prioritize the need for your ...

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REJOINDER: The Role of the Ajami Script in African Literacy – By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Malcolm Omirhobo is a Nigerian Lawyer and Human Rights activist who wrote a petition demanding that the ‘Arabic’ inscription be removed from the naira notes. He had argued that Nigeria is a secular nation, thus, an inscription that portrays the Islamic religion is unacceptable. In previous articles like, “Systemic Foolery”, I have given some explanations and debunked his argument from ...

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