Investigative Reports

Celebrity News: Chimamanda Adichie Celebrates Her Title; Thanks Anambra for the Honour

  “I am the first woman in my hometown to be made a chief, and it makes me happy to know that more women will follow. Culture does not make people, people make culture. Cultures thrive when they best serve and reflect the people. Ours must become a culture that celebrates achievement, whether it comes from a man or a ...

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FACT-FINDING REPORT: US Terror Threat And Mass Evacuation From Abuja: The Afghanistanization Of Nigeria – By Emmanuel Ogebe

  “Given this finding, the US authorities determined they could not rely on luck next time and having urged Nigeria to take stronger action as they did not want to pull out of the country, and not seeing a robust crackdown, ordered the mass evacuation. As an intelligence official said, “We have to be secure 100% of the time but ...

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Labor & Sex Trafficking Produce An Estimated $150 Billion In Illicit Profits Annually – ICIJ Report

  “An ICIJ investigation examines networks of companies, people and business practices that draw profit from cross-border labor trafficking and sex trafficking” PEGASUS REPORTERS, LAGOS | OCTOBER 29, 2022 Human trafficking is said to be the world’s fastest-growing criminal enterprise. In 2014, the United Nations’ International Labor Organization reported that, between them, labor and sex trafficking produce an estimated $150 ...

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