Religious Tolerance In A Turbulent World; A Leaf From The Yoruba – By Olobe Yoyon

  “Digging deep into the philosophy of our elders, I found this prayer – “Ọlọ́run ma jẹ ka gba wèrè mọ ẹ̀sìn”! (God help us not to mix madness with religion). Evidently, the Yorùbá differentiate between wèrè (madness) and ẹ̀sìn (religion)” PEGASUS REPORTERS, LAGOS | MAY 17, 2022 When many nations are regressing into a culture of religious hatred, hostility, ...

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Sokoto Killing: Blasphemy: An Islamic Perspective – By Abdulrazaq Hamzat

  “Clearly, the Quran doesn’t even remotely hint at the death sentence for those blaspheming against it or Islam. But unfortunately, the behaviour of extremist groups claiming to be Muslims and the introduction of the so-called sharia law in some so-called Muslim countries has led the media to wrongly point fingers at the religion of Islam in general” PEGASUS REPORTERS, ...

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Perspectives: The Big Bigot In Kperogi’s Mirror – Aliyu Barau, PhD

  Putting your article in the context of that debate and Mehdi’s response means @farooqkperogi is a big fanatic and bigot. Why? Because RCCGification is the same thing as Islamisation. Every time a Muslim rules Nigeria some Christian bigots use the thread of Islamisation to weave clothes of suspicion and division. PEGASUS REPORTERS, LAGOS | MAY 11, 2022 Farooq Kperogi ...

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