About Us

Our Mandate:

PegasusReporters.com is a people-oriented, professionally run groundbreaking news website with a bias for citizen and liberation journalism focusing on political, social, and cultural reports across social strata; include governments and the private sectors and individual inclusive.

Resorting to the use of photos, text, and videos to illustrate its messages, the site informs and prompts concerned African citizens and activists globally to act for the good of all; denouncing officially-sanctioned corruption, neglect, dereliction of duty, and material impoverishment of its citizenry. We watch and guide against the defilement of the environment, and the callous disregard of the democratic principles enshrined in constitutions and set conventions of nations.

Pegasus Reporters is a publication of Carl Abu'Bakar Venture. The Editor-in-Chief is Mallam Oyakhamoh Yakubu Carl-Abu'Bakar