The Poet’s Corner: GBAM…Ballads by Olujimi Olusola III




They shouted themselves hoarse, the bold prints were large,
vituperations galore, could fill a large barge.
Both sides, cynically adept at such farce,
paraded a liturgy, empty and scarce.

” I beat him, we beat them cries rented the air’
The atmosphere fragile, citizens unclear.
“He lied like a rent boy, he studied no jack,
Believe me, we’ll certainly cut him no slack.”

God’s own Country then became host to Counsels,
Imaginary ‘davits emerged like scudgels.
So hewn and so hemmed were the fine prints we saw,
and just like that, “Presto” w’all became “de Law”

“We’ll see who’s superior, we’ll go to the Bards,”…
“and I’ll tell you for free, that your writ’ll be in shards” .
” You mean it? chirped Scholars dyed steep in the law,
“they’ll boil, and then roast you and slice you with claws”

Mi’lords, all temporal then glanced at the writs,
With pincher like fingers, they tore them to bits.
Depends on which side of the divide you stand,
What’s gone viral all round, is firy on ground.

And so, our story goes on for (4) more years,
A Nation, so fractured, devoid of all ears..
Are we at a threshold of negative fray?..
I tell you, it’s time, don’t just kneel down and pray..

Olujimi Olusola III
7th November 2023.


Pegasus Tit-Bits on the Sorry State of Almajirai in Yobe State.  Almajiris waiting for someone to finish eating. Do you think the man can attempt to finish his food with no leftovers?


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