Investigative Report: Eyes on Solid Minerals: Update from Kokona LGA in Nasarawa State as illegal miners terrorize & kill peasant farmers.

“Our investigation reports have it that he normally connives with both local and Chinese illegal mining trafficking syndicates, by hiring people in military-type camouflage, possibly hired imposters, who pose as soldiers of the Nigerian Army, to terrorize them in their local village communities, at will, in order to undermine their rights”

*Solid minerals


Eyes on Solid Mineral Desk of Pegasus Reporters can authoritatively reveal that in the past few weeks, between 3 to 6 peasant farmers have been killed by illegal miners on the orders of a land speculator in the Kokona local government area of Nasarawa state

This is the current tragic scenario from the illegal mining activities in the state as recorded by our sources which reported that the illegal miner and their collaborator have now descended on some scattered villages in Nasarawa State, particularly in parts of Kokona and Karu Local government areas which are the New Haven for illegal Miners in the state.

Our sources reported that the illegal miners relocated and transformed their illegal mining operational center for trafficking activities, after being dispersed and chased out of Zamfara State, as a result of the new mining industry’s codes of enforcement rules and guidelines enunciated by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s anti-economic crime under the Ministry of Solid Mineral headed by Dr. Dele Alake.

Eyes on Solid Minerals Roving Reporters and Surveillance Vigilante Crew having collated reports from the affected states in the country, can authoritatively confirm, on a privileged top-level tip-off by the affected victims and their kith and kin, that at least, not less than 4 people were alleged to have been gunned down by gun-totting armed men dressed in camouflaged uniform; exact replica of the type used by the Nigerian military. Our reports had it that they were brought to the mining sites by a former commissioner under former Governor Almakura. Sources interviewed by Eyes On Solid Minerals roving reporters and Surveillance Vigilante Crew had confirmed the suspect in the terrorism of the villagers to be a land speculator with serial records of questionable treacheries while in government.

Investigation reports have it that he connives with both local and Chinese illegal mining trafficking syndicates, by hiring people in military-type camouflage,  who pose as soldiers of the Nigerian Army, to terrorize the natives in their local communities at will, in order to undermine their rights.

*Dr. Dele Alake, Nigeria’s minister of solid minerals

Credible sources from the local communities, which spoke with Eyes on Solid Minerals Roving Reporters and Surveillance Crew, to our team that it was in the course of the struggles by the genuine land owners to assert their ownership rights that the bogus soldier opened fire on defenseless and innocent victims whose ownership rights were usually and forcibly transferred to the corrupt land speculators, by a conspiratorially corrupt and manipulative local predatory bourgeoisie comprising of several conscienceless backdoor thieving plutocrats and official hangers on protocols.

This clique which ingratiates the rich and fraudulent land speculators to the detriment of the poor local land owners usually shortchanged and compromised the local chiefs and district heads, who act as the invisible masterminds and cover for the land speculators and some compromised Nigerian security operatives, who are also aided and abetted by compromised members in the judiciary. These networks of conspirators are what the syndicate uses as fronts for illegal mining trafficking nationwide, from our reports.

These are our authentic field reports and research findings for now.  We hope that the changes brought up by Dr. Dele Alake, the new minister of Solid Minerals Development will create the necessary regulations and punitive enforcement rules, including at least, the establishment of a solid mineral tribunal court to try illegal miners, land grabbers, as well as land speculators working in collaboration with watchful federal, states and local government agencies nationwide.

*Illegal mining of gold

In conclusion, Pegasus Reporters’ Eyes on Solid Minerals Development Subsector, hereby urges Engr. Abdullahi A. Sule’s Government in Nasarawa State, to enforce and checkmate its officials at all levels from making Nasarawa State the New Haven for illegal mining activities as the ministry of mining battles to displace the crooks in Zamfara State.

The Eyes on Solid Minerals Subsector Roving Reporters Surveillance Crew was essentially established to support the new pro-masses visionary targeted template to expose gross abuses and prebendal corrupt and untouchable cover-ups in the mining sector in Nigeria. It’s our contribution in support of a sector that’s just resurrecting with the arrival of Chief Dr Dele Alake, as a Daniel coming to the judgment in the mining subsector of Nigeria which hitherto was hijacked by corrupt crooks and diehard consortiums of shameless official rogues, who have made the Nigerian mining Subsector a the vineyards for crooks and untouchable hustlers as in cartels in the Nigerian Petroleum Industry!


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This investigative report is made by Eyes on Solid Minerals Development Subsector New Vision Survey and Surveillance Vigilante Network Crew at Pegasus Reporters online.

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