Military Coups in Africa: The Task Before African Union Heads of State & Government – Mallam Oyakhamoh Y. Carl-Abu’Bakar


“Democracy is not known only by the definition that the West gives us in their textbooks. I have quoted above the words of Lord Acton to show that democracy is not only of and for the people, but what is accepted by the people. In Egypt, I doubt that the US and the West will call that government a dictatorship. It’s clearly a diachy; a mix of jackboot and civil politicians.”

*Franco-phone African countries


It’s not strange to any political analyst why while the Economic Community of West African State, ECOWAS is held in an eye-blinking game with the military junta that seized power in Niger Republic, another country in the Central African region has fallen to the jackboot. What is however similar to the incidents in both economic regions is that these countries are both Francophone, i.e. French-speaking and that’s where we will be looking at this discourse.

This treatise will not go into the nitty-gritty of the pains and groans that France has placed upon its old colonial states in Africa and elsewhere even though a pip into one or two of such greedy post-colonial or neocolonialist relationships will be looked at. This, will perhaps, help to throw light into areas where a regional body like the ECOWAS has failed woefully as an economic bloc.

Nigeria is at the head of the ECOWAS’ futile attempt to redress the issue of military usurpation of what we term democracy in Niger, knows too well that the issue of ECO, the regional currency proposed for the West African region cannot come to fruition because of the financial stranglehold of Paris on the currencies of francophone countries.

As an economic bloc, what has she done to assist these countries in breaking that colonial chain? Are we pretending that we are unaware that those outposts of Paris in West Africa are not mere supermarkets for display and sales of French products at a rate determined in Paris by the French central bank?

Are we not pretending that none of these West African neighbouring countries has an autonomous central bank that can determine the fate of their national currency?

*Africa has seven nations under military rule, with four in West Africa and two others in North Africa. Photo Credit: ASHRAF SHAZLY/AFP, OUSMANE MAKAVELI/AFP, JOHN WESSELS/AFP Source: Getty Images 

Is ECOWAS and the African Union unaware that proceeds of export from these nations are domiciled in Paris and cannot be accessed except with the permission of France; that even at that they are allowed to access such foreign deposits as loans from Paris? Your own foreign reserve as a loan!

Have we forgotten the have wreaked on Guinea when the immediate post-colonial president, Sekou Touré objected to the flag independence which most Francophone countries are still subjected to today? Which other colonial power visited such a vengeful act of destruction upon its colony before exiting? If the ECOWAS leader cannot understand or pretend to not understand that for whatever reason, France’s apron string should be cut to allow those countries to assert true independence, I submit that the body lacks the moral right to determine the fate of the citizens of those nations.

I hate military regimes and have never been an apologist of the jackboot, but when leaders elected by the people refused to liberate them from the shackles and manacles of neocolonialism, it may be, plausibly and morally argued that the booming guns of a coup d’état boom on behalf of the people. We must not forget the words of Lord Acton who said: “For forms of government, let the fools contend; whatever is best administered is best” Taken in perspective of the happening on African soil, is there any democracy in Africa that was as pro-people as the Jamahariyah democracy of the late Col. Muammar Gadaffi? The West called it a dictatorship because he sought to create a more united Africa; economically and politically. They plotted his death and of course, Africa has traitors in surplus to believe such lies that not only fellow African leaders teamed up with the West and the US to overthrow and kill this worthy son of Africa, it’s on record that neither the West and their US ally nor any African country is out there in the once fertile desert and as the people slaughtered themselves to the glee and pillaging of what is left of the ruin Libya.

The hard truth is that Nigeria and her allies in the intervention in the Niger debacle are already drawn into a festering cold war between the NATO nations and the Russo-China Communist bloc. a video report by… on the dynamic and evil of this misadventure is shared as follows.

What the AU and ECOWAS Should Do

1. Considering the Catch22 situation which we are already drawn into as a result of our interest in the Transatlantic Oil Pipeline, I will suggest that Nigeria begin to look into the possibility of coming out stronger as an economic and political actor in the G20 Group.  This option has also been canvassed by the erudite professor of political science, Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi. According to him, that will completely insulate the country from aligning with any of the two blocs sponsored by NATO and Russia.

2. De-escalate tension on the military juntas in Niger and Gabon and any other Paris-owned economy in Africa and assist them to regain real independence from France. The African Union has a role to play in this matter. AU should immediately convoke a summit of all its members where resolutions to a unanimously severe relationship with France should be adopted until she hands off her slavish grip on former African colonies. This is a desideratum that cannot be overlooked if those former colonies can ever produce democratic leadership. Naturally, it is trite knowledge that when a slave is given power over a people, tendencies are that he will exert on the people similar to dictatorial tendencies which are used in controlling him by his master. This explains the debacle of Francophone countries and their leaders in Africa. This video shows Gabonese women “making noise”  in support of the fall of President Ali Bongo!

3. Democracy is not known only by the definition that the West gives us in their textbooks. I have quoted above the words of Lord Acton to show that democracy is not only of and for the people, but what is accepted by the people. In Egypt, I doubt that the US and the West will call that government a dictatorship. It’s clearly a diarchy; a mix of jackboot and civil politicians. Are the majority of Egyptians against the system or not? Your answer will determine if it’s a democracy or not. The same is true of all countries where the defacto chief executive is unelected. To this end, only the people of Niger can decide what is democracy and not any other outside force(s) Leave Nigerien alone to decide what they want. They are saying so in marches and protests

4. And finally, as a nation, our president, H.E. Bola Ahmed Tinubu must not overlook the general interest of citizens of our 7 states bordering Niger. With family relations cutting across the borders and a common unifying languages of Hausa/Fulani, it will tantamount to forcing a war on our people if we led any invasion of the Niger Republic. The truth is that when we hear advice from here and there that Nigeria must not lead such a task, it’s because of the deep-rooted understanding of the consanguine relationship that existed between the people of Niger and the Nigerian northern region as far back as the first republic and canvassed by Nigeria first PM, Alhaji Tafawa Balewa.

Africa must understand that the West and the United States of America are not interested in the African person or his interests. The real truth is that they cannot maintain the economic height they have attained without Africa’s resources. Whether it’s cocoa for chocolates, gold, and diamonds for fashion and as a means of savings, or mineral resources for industrial and scientific growth, European and American economies will be doomed without African resources and manpower. We are all witnesses to the brain drain and rush for Africans to beef up manpower resources in the Americas and Europe.  Incidentally, this is another design by neocolonialism to take the best out of Africa after over 300 years of slavery that sourced over 500 million Africans to Europe, the Americas, and the USA.

In a trending piece online, the following statements are credited to an English Guitarist, Richard Smith:

“And when a few Black people pierce through, we admit them to our side or eliminate them in one way or another, most often, with the hand of other Blacks. We brought them our God and continuously invented fuzzy concepts to confuse them more. In a hundred years, their descendants will be more slaves than they are now”

“They are already more unhappy than the generation of their parents”, and they naively believe that numbers will be their strength. Just watch how they drown at sea to come over to Europe. We conquered them with a few tens of ours and the active help of their leaders (Blacks selling their own for FAKE JOBS/PROSTITUTION)

Rescued African youths survivors  after hundreds reportedly drown in the Mediterranean Sea being ferried to Libyan coast (image credit-VOA)

“We forced them to speak and write in our languages! They even judge each other by how much one can speak like us. We will control their descendants more than we control them right now. (Happening already!) lf given opportunity they are ready to abandon their land to come over as willing slaves, rather than with determination and commitment build their land.

“Other people understood our game, (like the Chinese, Indians, Koreans, etc.) they started to use the same technical knowledge as us to protect and dissuade, but the Blacks did not understand anything.”

*All the videos used in this piece remain the copyright property of their owners who we wish to thank for the contribution of their work to a better understanding of the piece.

Mallam Oyakhamoh Y. Carl-Abu’Bakar is the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Pegasus Reporters

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One comment

  1. Immanuel T. Ededey

    This is mind blowing without any equivocation. If I may take them one after the other because the old gives birth to the new..

    Egypt and Ethiopia of old sold Africa to the new order of UK, USA and France, when they failed as the then world leaders to liberate Africa. Until the west crept in and we became slaves that built their empires strong, rich and wealthy. Today we beg them for our survival. Then our people died in great pains across the seas only to become slaves if any survives to arrive their lands while they Lord over us for gains. Because Egypt and Ethiopia failed, Africa failed woefully., finding it difficult to rise..

    To date, very little have changed. Because it’s now the turn of Nigeria to lead Africa out of the debacle of underdevelopment, but greed, selfishness, and betrayals of one another continue to hold Nigeria down and far from liberating Africa.

    If Ghardafi of Libya had known the strong influence of Nigeria in the comity of nations he wouldn’t have neglected the partnership of Nigeria to gain the Pan-Africanism. He failed like Egypt and Ethiopia, kwame Nkrumah and zik of Africa. If Nigeria must get it right, then Africa must get it right. Egypt and Ethiopia stopped themselves but this time Nigeria must be stopped to stop Africa from development with their fearful and astronomical population with such exponential that can never be compared with any continent, Nigeria being in the fore front.

    Nigeria must therefore break lose from the past failures of Egypt and Ethiopia, Libya and Ghana and break forth, as the true giant of Africa by conquering first, this great continent called Africa in total grips, in economy, power, riches and wealth, with unmatched human resources like the jews who also are everywhere but returned to building their nation to becoming world power within their blocs.

    China, Indians and Russia will not help us. They’re all looking for our economic and human resources to gain for their advancement. Here in Nigeria, the Chinese and Indian companies are already enslaving our youths as labourers taking advantage from our huge and unchecked unemployment and underdevelopment rates. Our destiny rest in our hands as Africa as a whole looks up to us not South Africa. We must therefore move fast than ever beginning with leadership example against all odds and prove the headship that GOD has given us to take the bulls by the horns and show ourselves strong as the horns of Africa. No other country will do it for us now.

    When OAU of Hale Saleisi failed, the Libya strong man thought out the AU like other continents but missed it as well. GOD therefore, has kept Nigeria to salvage the AU through ECOWAS to rule Africa for the rest of the world to reckon with Africa by the strength of Nigeria.

    The present day Russia of Putin is only interested in militarization of Africa and selling of their bulk of weapons that are lacking markets outlets, otherwise, of what use are all the weaponry of Russia. If they can not colonise or neocolonise, their weapons should do. Even if they will be sold at more reduced price than the west.

    With Russia, the coups and counter coups will be highly welcomed. To them, the West has had enough of Africa. Playing on our mentality by inciting the West against Africa will be their gains.

    We must create our own strong blocs, whether economical, productivity, and technological. Growing fast from all what we have learned from them so far.
    If one man could wake up one day and transformed their country from third world to first world nation, why not we. My hatred for military government will never wane no matter the flaws of civil rule. Africa dysfunctional dynasties should be dethroned that democracy of dividends might thrive other than democracy by definition.