Feature Article: Happie Boys: Foreign Scholarships, A bait to frustration – By Benjamin Adebisi


“The story of Viral dancers Happie Boys, who were granted scholarships to study in Cyprus by Pastor Chibuzor Chinyere, dropping out of school actually inspired this article and I understand the position of both sides”

*Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Heads Nigeria’s Diaspora Commission


You see, posterity will have to judge the Administrators of Education Managements in Nigeria and most especially, every individual, who had taken the role of a teacher but failed to discharge his/her duties properly.

I always make this sarcasm that I have to be in hell fire to punish all the Lecturers and management members of Osun State University, Nigeria; because all I see is an institution having every opportunity to make the students and the academic community comfortable for learning and research but failed to do it.

The Administration ushering in at the early days of 2022 gave me a slight excitement and I had penned down a long essay and published it on social media to illustrate what could make the University System standard and world class; unfortunately, nothing had been done, rather the Managements wasting time and resources going after me.

As the Lord will vindicate me, the war in Ukraine rendered the same set of Nigeria Students, who ran away to study overseas, running from their lives.

Before the recent war between Russia and Ukraine, the Osun State University, Nigeria had an agreement with a particular University to study in Ukraine and by the time these poor Medical Doctors graduated, the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, MDCN, had set up a criterion for the appointment of the foreign trained Medical Doctors to be incorporated into the medical Practice in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, most of the foreign trained doctors could not pass the Examinations by the local bodies, invariably, making them unable to Practice the Profession in Nigeria and reports reached out that some returned back, and I can tell you vividly, as an international scholar, that their chances of securing medical jobs in Ukraine or anywhere in European region are slim.

We all understand the concept of Education tourism has to do with degrading a Academic system of a particular region, such that candidates can move into so called better countries for study.

Undoubtedly, there are always room for fellowships and expand one’s knowledge in any field outside one’s territory but not as bad as the situation in Nigeria, where even the managements and administrative Staff Members of Nigeria Academia are training their kids in foreign schools at breath taking fees, comparing the exchange rates of foreign currencies.

For me, I do not understand what is wrong with educational systems in Nigeria, other than the quacks and impotent individuals the human resources of various Institutions in Nigeria Academia have placed in classrooms and laboratories.

Come to think of it, I had both Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Federal Universities in my home country Nigeria and I have competed in the most prestigious Awards in Europe, invited to Nobel Prize summit, served in one of the best Medical Teaching Hospitals in the world, gave Leadership assignments in the biggest Neurological Associations in the world, designed the future of major Neurological Conditions of the aging patients in the United States of America and the United Kingdom; thus, I find it very difficult to believe Nigeria Structure is faulty rather the Lecturers and Leaders, who are confused.

Notably, all knowledge does not reside in a particular geographic location and that is why there’s internet and the whole world is just a click of a mouse away to purchase State of the art equipment, get manual for operations and connect with experts for Trainings and implementation.

The Nigeria Academia has been occupied by redundant folks that everything they think of is increasing salaries and degrees with no practical application.

Sadly enough, many have been titled authorities of what they know nothing about and the culmination of all these is mass efflux of Students to seek greener pastures in learning and job opportunities.

However, studying overseas is not as easy as most people think, especially, when the students think they have won any scholarship.

Initially, when I secured my appointment with the Osun State University, Nigeria, the lies of Tertiary Education Trust Fund, TET Fund, was peddled and I observed carefully the ruse of the scam.

How could a University claim to what to support the Lecturer for higher education and yet disburse the money in Naira and in instalments; the meaning of this is that most people I know, who benefited from the Scheme get stranded in those countries, after some time. and all my university would tell them was to borrow money from the school which will be returned later from their salaries when they return back to Nigeria.

I followed a case up and the particular Lecturer had incurred a debt about #4 million Naira to complete the Ph.D. program, when he was supposed to be sponsored by the Education trust fund.

A major reason for the financial embarrassing situations is the unstable Nigeria currency in the international market, knowing fully well of this, the Institution will still disburse the money in Naira and by the time currency conversion is done, the money Becomes nothing in the face of devalued naira.

More unfortunately, your certificates for the so-called Educational Support studies will be transferred to the Registrar, and it will only be handed over to you after serving the bond of twice the numbers if years spent for the education support scheme.

Meaning, if you studied for 4 years oversees, you have 8 years bond to serve and your certificates is still with the registrar and just imagine one inebriated vice Chancellor gets to power and decide his incursion in your private affairs like the one done to me that I kicked against, you would apparently be in mess.

And one of the main reasons I stood my ground on not requiring assistance of the University because it was a scam all the way but some foolish folks in the University were laying hold to my arrogance.

Aside the stupidity of most Lecturers, who failed to know their prerogatives in the system, bowing down for morsels of bread, up and down; many scholars failed to acknowledge that they are traveling to a country, they know nothing about the economy, standards and cist of living and unexpected expenditure that could occur and sadly, they do not make enough preparation for that.

I remembered contacting a Professor in Netherlands, who said €800 will be enough for me for expenses in a month in Groningen, only to find out I was spending €500 weekly on burger, potatoes and ketchup.

Plus, I stayed in a hotel throughout, costing me another €1000 a month and to get pullovers, jeans and toiletries cost another €2000-3000 and then calls, internet, when I am not within hostel or hospital and then I had to make some journey and by the time I was done, close to €6500 was gone in a month and I simply returned home and thank God for the COVID-19 Pandemic and Online training, I stayed home to continued my work.

Therefore, any scholarship I see talking about €2000 a month, I simply look away and for your information, securing a side job in non-English language speaking countries isn’t as easy.

Additionally, I also Remembered how the supposed PhD Supervisor, who told me to travel down to Germany, suddenly changed his mind that he wasn’t supporting me again because he wanted me to teach Anatomy class in German, which, I do not speak, and he knew initially that I was coming from Africa.

You see, we have to be very careful seeking Academic training in foreign lands and rather develop ourselves to meet up with the global education system, which is easy with the information technology and communication in recent times.

*Adebisi Benjamin Temidayo

The story of Viral dancers Happie Boys, who were granted scholarships to study in Cyprus by Pastor Chibuzor Chinyere, dropping out of school actually inspired this article and I understand the position of both sides.

The kids dropped out of school, just after 6 months, and they couldn’t get a work to maintain their upkeep in the country, since the Man of God was unable to continue the financial aid through scholarship as promised.

Obviously, the Pastor was not happy the situation degenerated to public disgrace for him because he tried his best, but the fall of naira incapacitated him.

He resorted to cursing and all sorts, I understand the frustrations but what if our universities and tertiary education system was handled by folks who knew about education management and administration and the classrooms were occupied by those who desire to teach and make students. Understand? What if there’s a link between the labour market and the curriculum so that graduates can fit in to the required training and Education needed?

Apparently, there will no longer be need for moving out of Nigeria to study and these embarrassing situations will be obliterated completely.

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