2023 Presidency: As Tinubu Presidency Edges, Let the Madness Begin – By Kwesi Abenaba


“As Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is about to begin his Presidency, the madness that will come from the South in the next four years will be how to pull him down. The North will belong, participate, bid their time, and ensure that the share for their region always comes to them while they stand akimbo to watch the fireworks”

*President M. Buhari, out-going Nigerian president.


It is important I pen this piece urgently as we head towards the Tinubu Presidency and the madness that will start from May 29 2023. Actually, the madness has started but because there are so many mad acts all over the country, it is important to pointmy torchlight towards the real madness I am talking about. Before I do, let me just point out the ‘outgoing’ madness from the Buhari administration.

It is always bewildering to watch President Buhari whenever he talks glowingly about his administration and why he believes Nigeria will understand when he finally leaves. Actually, Nigerians already understand. Considering the amount that he hadspent, the debts we are saddled with and the brazen robberies (it has gone beyond thievery) that are still ongoing now until the last day, his administration’s achievements are by far infinitesimal to the amount spent.

Buhari came with a lot of goodwill. Everyone wanted him to succeed. Everyone prayed that he should succeed but Buhari became the best specie of a chameleon that I have ever come across. He was an ‘Ambilobe Panther’ Chameleon. Let me not focus on the Buhari time as that will take a whole book which is still in the works now. But what stood out mainly that became his albatross was his nepotism. He was unapologetic, ready to go to war with anyone trying to make him change his mind. He will become the most Nepotistic leader that has ever ruled Nigeria. The souls that have been sacrificed for his actsand wickedness are in the thousands. Only God saved us that we are all alive to see this day.

Just like the day Abacha died which became the first time I took alcohol in my life, the day Buhari leaves, I will open a Glenfiddich 18year bottle and try to down it all alone. It is worth the try. But what many of us see as Nepotism is actually communalism. He took it to the highest level and his people, the Fulanis are better off today than they were eight years ago. While Buhari as a Northern leader gave it the best amazing shot ever, the southerners have always been noted for sheer ignorance in knowing how to masterthis act.

The Igbos put the blame on every other tribe when they fail but never realise their mistakes in aiding and abetting the success of a Buhari kind of communalism. Once in position of power, and access to some little wealth, they will sell or kill their brother for a morsel. The Yorubas are worse off. Very arrogant, think they are the best, they think they are the wisest but believe me, they are the most foolish tribe in Nigeria. A Hausa boy will clear his throat and spit out thick phlegm in the sight of a Yoruba man. He will look at him with disdain, mutter some unpleasant words and try to move away or drive him away. If the Hausa boy is in position of power, they will fake a smile, cringe but will be ready to grab and lick the phlegm before it lands on the floor. Such is our resolve. Once we are out of hearing, they begin to badmouth the Hausa man until the next time they need to lick another stinking phlegm.

I have to describe this disdainful act just to buttress where we are today. We have become lazy. We don’t support our farmers, we act cosmopolitan at every turn, we believe Lagos is our ultimate haven, we spread our wings and just sit there waiting for manna to fall forgetting we have wings that can take us anywhere. Seeing our brothers in a position to better their lot, we are the first to begin the ‘Pull him down syndrome’.

*President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Our traditional institutions which were a major interest to the entire world has become a joke. There is no difference between a Baale, first class, second class kings. There is no respect anymore for tradition. The only thing left now is for a Yoruba King to declare his homosexuality in public as we declare continuous marriages ignominiously. It is almost here. We will welcome it and celebrate.

As Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is about to begin his Presidency, the madness that will come from the South in the next four years will be how to pull him down. The North will belong, participate, bid their time, and ensure that the share for their region always comes to them while they stand akimbo to watch the fireworks. Court cases upon court cases will fill the air. A section of the southern media will declare themselves opposition and attack his government everywhere. Social media will be filled with lies, negative talks, and disasters. His wife will be vilified, his children will be followed around singing their praises but also pointing out their spoilt acts, and his close associates will become extremely arrogant and look out only for their own and damn any other person.

The ‘Awalokan’ thing will be taken to a new personal dimension. Access to Tinubu will become extremely difficult. He will be made to believe the whole world wants to kill him or that they only want to eat from him. Any discerning voice will be tagged enemy. Anyone with a great idea will be discouraged and scornful. The idea will not see the light of the day. Later, the government will continue to run aimlessly and eight years will go like the wind and never achieve anything meaningful. It will be a Buhari nepotism kind raised to power five. But the North will excel while the South will continue their loggerheads with each other. It is our madness, we own it, any day.

I am not a doomsday prophet. It is the plain old truth. Southerners are wired to bring down their own and only very few people close to the leader will ever achieve much. Those who tag with those few will benefit and use the few to achieve their aim. At that point, there will always be over-invoicing because a member of the few will always want to add 200% of the total cost personally for himself. If you are lucky, you can renegotiate. But it has never gone below 60%. They will always eat more than the owner of the idea.

All hope is not lost. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not Buhari. He is far more intelligent, savvy, and more exposed internationally, and has been around local and international governments since he handed over. He knows when he is beaten politically and he knows how to bid his time. He has been preparing for this role and most importantly, he has a history beckoning to him. He has everything in place now to surpass Obafemi Awolowo today. On the day he is sworn in, he has by that singular act surpassed him. Trying to explain to the hard-hearted will be a yeoman’s job.

If Bola Tinubu must succeed as President, his media handlers must be truthful to themselves and give him access to be questioned possibly every month. His advisers must give correct analysis of every situation in the country and find the best solution. Tinubu must push to work with the best hands even if they hate him with a passion. He has a record in this. He is noted for giving people who hate his tasks because he found out that person is the best. He must run away from the praise singers. This is no time to make Wasiu Ayinde Marshal the Presidential band. A Wasiu Ayinde around Aso Rock every time releasing vexatious albums will create lots of enemies that he does not need. It is their calling.

Tinubu must make decisions that are right and many of his immediate friends might not like it. He has paid his dues and he now needs to leave a legacy. Tinubu must make the anti-corruption bodies work without hindrance. Some of his immediate friends might become culprits and he must remove his eyes. His friends will come up with a plan to steal, but he must not allow it. Because, suddenly, Nigeria needs a respite from continuous stealing if we must ever grow.

While I have an unflinching belief that the incoming government will be successful and move this nation forward, I seriously don’t have an antidote to cure our madness. There are some sicknesses that don’t require any serious medicine. Those with the sickness must just decide on their own to be cured. It is their only hope to enjoy the benefits of the dividend of a new era. Ask yourself, do you want to be cured?

Kwesi Abenaba is a Public Relations Consultant presently involved in Enterprise Education.

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