VIDEO: Red-Roofs debuts with luxurious death apartments for suicide tourists


The management of Red Roof Inn has created what it calls luxurious death apartments for suicide people who are feed up with life. In this video, the CEO Ms. Marcia Connelly explains, for just less than $40, what the suites offer its customers.



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  1. What rubbish is this, encouraging suicide. Is this your contribution to humanity.

  2. It will be good for the customers of this hotel to know that whatever it is they are running from, they are going to a hotter hell….the real one…with unquenchable flames…so I advice they put a finger in an open fire for just 5 minutes if they are really brave to have a taste of what they are heading out for when they finally end their life.

  3. This is crazy

  4. I don’t get it, this post is from 2013, and ten years later it’s being reposted on websites as if it is a new ad. Is this real? And is the new hype a way to draw in more customers?

    • You’re right with your observation. The truth is that the trend is still continuing in parts of Europe and America. This is not an advertorial but a reminder of the things that happen in the Odd World that forms part of our global oneness. Thanks for asking for this clarification.