Letter to the President-elect, H.E. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu – By Dr Oni Gbolabo John


“Sir, dual prices for foreign exchange is a murderous policy. A policy where a “big man” calls to get $1 million dollars @N450 and resell for N600 and make N150 million without leaving his room must stop sir. It kills industry, economy and people. Issuance of importation licenses to economy killers or monopolists must stop”

*Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the president-elect of the federal Republic of Nigeria


Dear sir,

1. Congratulations Sir, for emerging as the winner in the last presidential election. Losers are heading to the court which of course is normal. However work must be in progress because we have no time to waste time. Therefore the need to focus on the task ahead instead of ruminating on inconsequential legal gymnastics.

2. The tasks ahead us are actually larger than what is projected because in Nigeria today the three thing that won’t need repair, reform or refurbishment are the sun, the moon and the stars. Apart from those three elements everything here need attention, even we Nigerians need psychological reform.

3. Your emergence is like the title of a book written by Hope Egarga titled TORNADO FULL OF DREAMS. Sir, your emergence is full of dreams. Mockers are dreaming failure while we supporters are dreaming promises becoming realities. To whom votes are given more deliveries are expected.

4. First Sir, soon we will be expecting foreign investors, if so, there must be urgent reform in the Nigeria Custom, Immigration, Police and other outfits the investors will meet on arrival. Sir, this is beyond bribery and corruption. Sir, investors first corporate impression about Nigeria must improve. The listed outfits need reforms in terms of quality, quantity, operation, form and substance. A whole lot of reforms are needed in terms of who projects Nigeria image. Qualifications, salary, conducts, equipment, mode of operation and so on need attention.

*Dr. Oni Gbolabo John

5. Why should we have lands, teeming youths and still be hungry? It is absurd. Sir, let your policy depart from past ineffective plan that dare to send youths to farms with cutlass and hoe. Past governments embarked on empty voyage thinking that farming is still cutlass and hoe. Agriculture loans should not be treated as manufacturer loan. It won’t work. Protection of farms from grazers is important. Sir those who wrote WAEC last year are still listing same problem of agriculture listed 40 years ago. Problem such as: No equipment, no chemical, no storage, no land, no capital etc added to grazers induced insecurity must be addressed. Rangers and frontier brigade is good idea.

6. Sir, engage the MAN, Banks and other stakeholders on how to stop the importation of whatever can be produced locally. We should stop feeding other countries with raw materials while young men stay idle . Don’t be deceived by their usual unsavory Law of Comparative Advantage we must be productive and reduce consumption of foreign goods.

7. Dual prices for foreign exchange is a murderous policy. A policy where a “big man” calls to get $1 million dollars @N450 and resell for N600 and make N150 million without leaving his room must stop sir. It kills industry, economy and people. Issuance of importation licenses to economy killers or monopolists must stop.

8. You need to constitute a body that will coordinate, investigate and develop models for revitalisation of dead companies both private and public owned. The constituted body shop be able to work with states commerce departments for adequate information. There must be revitalisation of comatose industries all over Nigeria. Even those sold through BPE should be queried. Bank of Industry too need reform.

9. The Banking system and monetary policy needs reforms. Loans administration is not friendly. It is evil when importers are favored above manufacturers. Banks keep declaring profits but industries are not growing. Why? Arbitrary deductions should not constitute profit for banks. Our banks should open expansion packs for local industries with long term repayment plan.

10. Sir, it’s time to make law on how we audit states for accountability. States receive allocations from federal, once the money is received they do claim that they are independent and reserve right on how they spend it. Without complementary implementation of policies by states we can’t develop. There must be measure on how states spend the allocations to complement federal policies.

11. Security must be redesigned for effectiveness. Appreciation to Nigeria Army and those combatting Boko Haram. Local policing is not a bad idea now with the reality at hand.

12. Education needs serious reform. Sir, as at today we have schools but we don’t have content. In summary, we need new curriculum from primary school to tertiary institutions. The current curriculum has nothing to do with development unless we want to remain stagnant. New curriculum is urgently needed.

13. Transportation must be expanded sir. Why can’t we harvest vegetables in Ekiti state and get it to Lagos Island in 4 hours? We need expansion of railroad further than what’s on ground. It is an avenue for our engineers to give corresponding value?

14. The judiciary should be advised to reform self to apply laws that befits humanity. Yes, senate must act but some irritating sentences should be addressed. The grand norm should govern all Nigerians not a set for the privileged rich and another for the unfortunate poor. Some embarrassing sentences such fining someone who stole N10 billion the sum of N50,000 while fowl thief is given 7 years improvement without option of fine.

15. Lastly we need statistics of all things here. Poor information about what’s obtainable makes projection difficult.

Yours Sincerely Sir,
Oni Gbolabo John
Osun State

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  1. What a beauty. Hope people who are close to the president elect will inform him about this and takes one or two points from this . Bravo to Dr. Oni as usual . I believe our dreams will comes through this time with our president elect

  2. Brilliant idea