Video Report: In Anambra, When A Corpse Dared The Living People’s Power



Southeastern part of Nigeria, Its a taboo to bury the dead outside their ancestral homes. The story was told of an Igbo who had to fly home the corpse of his late wife from Israel at a whooping cost of N5000,000 because according to a comedian, the man feared that his late troublesome wife will rise after 3 days. Like Jesus rose from the dead!

The truth was that the Igbo custom forbids the interment of their son and daughters in foreign lands. So it was with this young man who was said to have returned from an oversea journey but died of alleged food poisoning and was to be taken to his family ancestral home in Anambra state set for burial, but vehicles transporting the corpse home broke down repeatedly and at a time refused to move so long as the corpse and the casket was place in the hearse!

Watch how the youths of the place resolved to carrying him on bare hands after making some incantations.Talk of the traditional power of the living versus the dead!

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