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The program is also designed to make serious investment in the areas of research and development empower Nigerians with capacity to open businesses small, medium and large companies.



The Interdependent Community is an emerging Nigerian Company created as an online virtual country with the use of mobile App to run as an NGO towards the growth of the Nigerian person and humanity at large.

The company is founded by Shadrach Chidi Onye who currently works with Cormart Nigeria Ltd, Lagos Nigeria. The management board is made up of a select group of personalities across the country and professions.

The company aims to use the (CRGM) CONTINUOUS REVOLVING GROWTH MECHANISM, a first-of-its-kind developmental system in Nigeria since 1960, to directly empower the Nigerian person.

For over sixty years, the Nigerian nation along with its citizens has consistently witnessed a colossal decline on all growth indices. This situation has been largely due to high-level corruption, ethnicity, nepotism, bigotry, selfishness, greed, tribalism, religious intolerance, and many more! Poor leadership qualities along with the government inability to invest in the Nigerian person and failure to create a real sense of belonging to the citizens has grossly contributed to the current sad realities we are witnessing in our country.

Political and societal crisis necessitated by the government’s inability to create a clear-cut workable developmental framework has made it impossible for Nigeria and its citizens to take their place in the comity of nations.

In a bid to proffer practical solution to this sad situation, the Interdependent Community has come out with the aim to design and launch an online mobile app with the intention to pool Nigerians and non Nigerians together, towards contributing our disposable income to channel into key development areas in our society and beyond.

We are determined through this pragmatic idea to create millions of jobs in a very short time with the support of the Nigerian people and the global community. Other areas targeted to get serious attention are, investment in educational sector, health, agriculture, sports and ensuring that existing companies are not allowed to close down due to its devastating effects on the economy and human life.

The program is also designed to make serious investment in the areas of research and development empower Nigerians with capacity to open businesses small, medium and large companies.

We desire that you support us financially and also personally get involved to promote this great idea which is first of its kind in the history of this nation.
We are working to embark on intense awareness creation through, television, radio, print and all online media platforms.

At Interdependent Community we believe that the challenges mentioned above which has grossly undermined Nigeria’s growth are not peculiar nor unique to her and its citizens, hence we know that solution can be found through the collective will of the Nigerian people.

Our strength lies in population. let’s maximise it. The CRGM growth system is the most pragmatic integrated growth mechanism designed in this country since 1960.


Shadrach Chidi Onye, the Founder,  of Interdependent Community can be reached via E-mail:shadrachonye@gmail.com and on Facebook@Interdependent Community. Tel: 234-08033555510, 09018781999.

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