APC Grand Conspiracy Against Buharism Called ‘Consensus” & Betrayal Of Public Trust By Treasury Looters


Where are the Nasarawa State ‘Moral Heroes’ And Fake Advocates of Positive Change?

*Gov. Mai Mala Buni (credit-wikipedia.com)


Mr. President, this is my personal confession since I was a child, when I started going to those “Tsangaya/ Mallam Zaure’s Almajiri Kindergarten Nursery Schools” where I was at that tender age, first introduced to the contending world of opposites: The world of spiritual values versus that of Satanic intrigues and material opportunism!

Ever since that psychological encounter, I was intimidatingly petrified by the exciting attractions and manipulative galaxy of horse-trading fantasy of deceptive exchanges of frivolous pleasure!

To put it in allegorical transliteration, my ambitions in life have been long teleguided along those variables! I took an oath of allegiance ever since that spiritual encounter by decidedly convincing myself, that my ambitions in life is that, when I die, “I want to be an inmate in the Blissful Gardens of Paradise” not an abandoned prisoner entrapped in the ‘bottomless pit of the valley of the burning furnace of Hell Fire”!

In this regard, Mr. President, let those of them.who pretend to be religious bigots before your presence but pretentious freaks behind you, continue to deceive themselves be they Muslims, Christians or Animist, nonetheless, the truth is that by practical case study scenario analysis and traumatic experiences, there isn’t much distinctions nor differences that separates the moral values of viral indecency between the Muslims, Christians and the Atheists in politics in Nigeria because their organic Moral Anomie is corruptly tainted and irredeemably at same frequency and shameful level of Satanic Bestiality!

Mr. President, I cannot understand why your Integrity charter which is the only banner without stains, it that distinguishes the APC from the rest of the sinful world of the other Offshore Political Associations.controlled by the Nomadic Mobsters and Atikulooted C.I.A/ FBI sponsored guys which ironically, has now been deliberately ruined, ideologically distorted as well as dubiously bastardized, even as its core values’ superlatively positive change policy praxis has been shortchanged and replaced with a vanity-mystified political brand called “Power-block Consensus Politics”aka PbCp; the Looters’ new Strategic Platform for OBJ Coalition Group bullies known also as ‘2023 Victory Cartels’ all in the hopeful pretext of using the Northern Nigerian Geopolitically advantageous, Demographic Superiority to re-join the OBJ Coalition Group by mischievous advocacy defaults?

In any case, there are so many corruptly under reported stories bordering on betrayals and massive cover-ups of corrupt practices by highly exposed convicts, whose agents are now reinstated in the name of CONSENSUS, the Mai Mala Buni’s controversially contrived, Rambo Style Coalition Return of PDP Looters in disguise?

It is also very important and apt to introduce two important but divisive Issues that the Looters always present and negatively misuse, to create ambiguous dichotomy, because they’re the only banner that they can easily use to mislead and disunite people’ on the basis of tribal vituperation and religious spites.

In tandem with their selfish and personal idiosyncrasies, I normally ask both my Muslim and Christian brothers in Nigeria and elsewhere too,to reveal to me, which Chapters or verses in the holy Qur’an or the Bible, where God authorised Treasury Thieves, to freely misappropriate Public funds, held in trust for the purposes of improving the living standards and social welfare of the poor and deprived in such freely and extravagantly frivolous manner like Nigerian Looters do?

*President Muhammadu Buhari

Mr. President, permit me at this juncture to personally use my State of Nasarawa to expose some of the satanic scripts being dogmatically dramatised in the dubious name of “Consensus” that newly smart card rigging machine, illegally smuggled to destroy President Buhari’s Reformist Political Legacy in Nigeria, in deference to OBJ’S Godfathers’ corrupt-winning ways elections made easy, through most preferred indirect and secret rigging mechanisms?

Mr. President, Sir, I happened to have read alot about the Russian Bolsheviks Revolutionary Social Change called October 1917: as much as I equally navigated through some of the divisive terrains of the Chinese Moists, the Cubans, the French as well as several others and discovered that the greatest obstacles to the actualization of their dreams, were due to in-house sabotuers, tagged Counter- Revolutionary whose inclinational selfish motives against their collective national dreams for advancing the cause of Justice and Social Change was at variance with the National Mission and Visionary aspirations, hence they were so labelled, as Counter- Revolutionary Forces because they are a sabotagiously inimical deterrents to broad national Interests.

In our own contests, the- El-Rufai led APC rebel members of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum- NGA, working in tandem with the OBJ-PDP ATIKULOOTED SCAMMERS, represent our own version of the same sinister counter-force, while the other good guys like Professor Zulum and the Distinguished Members of our National Assembly represent our positive change foot-soldiers and die-hard warriors of Positive Change Mantra.

Finally, Mr. President is kindly requested to find out from the voters in Nasarawa State, if there was any voting, because the truth is that, the entire process was skewed and tailored-made, as a take-home trophy for former Governor Umar Tanko Almakura’s takeover bid and as if to convince the doubting Thomases in Nasarawa State, that the Almakura’s power-block intimidating rigging machine is still intact and on the move to crush to death, those who dare to oppose them, so much that the controversially removed former Secretary to the Government on alleged financial impropriety, popularly called TJ Loko, bounced back stronger as the Sector Commander of the Groups’ Western Zone’s Strike force, where like in similar operations State wide, there was no elections, except selections only TAAL Protegies were duly anointed and returned unopposed!

Finally, I have been spiritually traumatized with the level of fraudulent perniciousness and scandalous cover-up deceptions, if not wholesomely condescending scale of Pharoanic deference to criminality like is being done in my state, without any forms of protests or even weak resistance by people who have duped our consciece in the past and were noisily laying pretentious and abstract claims to being good Muslims and or Christians, which superfluous declarative antics was only meant for petty displays for sinister negotiations of political favours and opportunistic patronage.

Mr. President, these are some of the secret plots and hidden motives against our country’s political destiny and you may, perchance, wish to recall how you narrowly escaped deaths by the slimmest margin of Divine Order. And some of us are under the same threats from both these enemies of the people and their invisible hired killers, bandits and godless assassin’s, who prefer to obey the dictates of Godfathers and power mongering commands of Totalitarian Looters who have spiritually turned our country like Egypt, before the Exodus, where most people at the time, rejected God’s commandments, in favor of arrogant Pharaohs and their corrupt Priests.

In conclusion Mr. President, “it is no longer a secret plot that your positive change integrity Project is already threatened and trying to be made, to become an abandoned project” to be controlled by the same OBJ- sponsored El-Rufai cartels and Mala Buni’s Rambo Coalition Group and Counter Revolutionary Forces who are working as cryptic moles and conspiratorial underground Forces and undertakers against Buharism.

This, Mr. President, Sir is my final forensic investigations from whence you were allegedly, almost kept in a critical death zone of comatose, for over 6months before God rescued and resurrected you from their Satanic Zone of deaths and evil machinations, because He wanted you to fulfill the mission He had assigned to you “to change the unbearable hardships of the rural masses, through Agricultural Revolution capacity utilization and Rural Renewal that would transform and makes the rural Communities in Nigeria, the new project and proud face of hope and Buharian Positive Changes” which should serve as a reference Model and catalyst for the entire African Continent!

Mr. President, Sir, this was the major motivational reason for my fanatical relationship with General/President Muhammadu Buhari’s Political Legacy, because “A better Life for my Rural Communities” as a typically Peasant Farmers’ reared village boy, was also the earlier reason I chose to reject a Free Lottery Green Card offered me by Professor Charles Chaplain, my Los Angeles Times Newspaper Film Critique and Loyala Marymount University Emeritus Professor in Film Studies, Communication Arts and Pedagogical criticisms, please!.

*Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi is the Founder and National Patron, Buhari Integrity Group Advocates (BIG LEAGUE Ambassadors and Grassroot Mobilisation Fellowships)

Finally, on behalf of Muhammadu Kabiru Abubakar, Danmalikin Keffi, the BoT Chairman, BIG LEAGUE, alias Buhari Integrity Group Advocates and Grassroot Mobilisation Fellowships, “who dared to dare” and willingly forfeited his PDP membership and a highly lucrative Nigerian Railway Board appointment in favor of joining the GMB’s CPC Think Tank Committee, under the prestigious Chairmanship of the famous International Journalist, Rufa’i Ibrahim our late Mallam; along with Dr.Shehu Othman Keana the Oxfordian Don, who took his sabbatical leave to be ideologically part of the Buharian exceptional Think Tank Team, together with Isa Ibrahim Modibbo, the multi-social mixer and several others, we sincerely feel appreciated and honored with the glowingly iconic appointment of Isa Ibrahim Modibbo, as Board Chairman, hoping and praying, that, his tenacity and social integrity charter will become a great moral booster and tribute to remember.

In conclusion, I would like all Nigerians to remember the influential status of the Nigerian Farmers by helping us to promote our country’s Pro-Rural Farmers Advocacy Slogan:

*No Farmers, No Nation*


  • Abia 2 APC Chairmen
  • Akwa-Ibom 4 APC Chairmen
  • Kano 2 APC Chairmen
  • Bauchi 2 APC Chairmen
  • Benue 2 APC Chairmen
  • Cross River 2 APC Chairmen
  • Ogun 2 APC Chairmen
  • Kwara 2 APC Chairmen
  • Lagos 2 APC Chairmen
  • Rivers 2 APC Chairmen
  • Niger 2 APC Chairmen
  • Ekiti 2 APC Chairmen
  • Imo 2 APC Chairmen
  • Osun 2 APC Chairmen

Looking out for possible remedy. (Check the APC Field Reporters’ Attached Addendum for reference)

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi Founder and National Patron BIG LEAGUE GROUP ADVOCATES alias Buhari Integrity Grassroots Mobilization Fellowships at abdulkarimullah@gmail.com

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