CELEBRITY: I Was Born A Man; I Can Never Become A Woman – Bob Risky


On different occasions photos of him, that surfaced on the internet from his father’s birthday celebration he’s spotted dressed as a man.

*Nigeria’s transvestite, Bob Risky


Every year the internet celebrity pays a surprise visit to his dad on his birthday, however, it appears he has a signature outfit for that occasion; ‘a black jalamia with a face cap to match or head warmer”.

On different occasions photos of him, that surfaced on the internet from his father’s birthday celebration he’s spotted dressed as a man.

While fans are of the opinion that the self-styled billionaire girlfriend reveres his dad and wouldn’t want to visit him dressed as a woman, Bobrisky in a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo revealed he dressed like a man to his dad’s birthday because he didn’t want to outshine him.

“You don’t expect me to glam up early morning to surprise my dad..i was on jalamia….i didn’t want to steal the shine on his birthday cos he deserves the attention.” He said.

Speaking further Bob noted that although he was born a man and can never be a woman, he’s making money from crossdressing.

“Yes, I was born as a Man…I can never be a she but I’m making more money than the critics who condemn me. If you like to address me as he or she, it doesn’t bother me…Being a woman has paved lots of ways for me, women don’t know how to use their resources as women…when I was a guy, I didn’t have money, just there hustling, they don’t even want to associate with you but I’m not in for that, I want to be a boss of my own so I chose this path and I’m enjoying it…..”

“My initial plan was to do it for a small time to make money as a crossdresser but now I’m not ready to stop cos it is paying me millions weekly….I started cross-dressing three years ago and I have built my brand in 4 years…I finished from UNILAG in 2016, I was supposed to go for my NYSC but I didn’t cos I wanted to make money…UNILAG prevented me from being Bobrisky cos my course advisor was tough…after I left school, i became free to live as I wanted…In 2018, I bought a house in Chevron, in 2019 I thought about doing surgery but i was scared and same with 2020, and in 2021, I went for lipo and tummy surgery….” He added.

Culled from Yableft.com

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One comment

  1. Like he said it pays his bills cross-dressing, so he can keep at it, but deep down in his heart, he can never truly change who he was born to be. One can deceive the world but definitely not yourself when alone. Conscience is powerful and that is why he couldn’t dress like a lady to his father’s party, because of shame and ridicule and he knows it will dishearten his father, who nurtured him as a grown man, but I admire his manners for not doing so on his father’s birthday party. No one is to judge another, as our path is written and every step we take will be accounted for. Be the best of yourself!