Political Leaders Won’t Die For You: Nigerian Citizens May Learn From This!


“Be careful. Stop instigating war and violence. It will consume everyone except very few”

*Afghan President Ghani fleeing Kabul while the people are running helter-skelter for safety


This is the Afghan president fleeing his country and looking out through the window at swarms of Afghans running helter-skelter to nowhere. Did you notice that there are no multitudes of Afghans on the plane with him? They’ve been left behind to face their fate. America only evacuated its embassy staff.

The poor Afghans masses who had supported and sang the praises of the government and the prompting of the USA are left in the lurch and to the mercy of the Taliban. May the Taliban honour their words and show mercy.

President Ghani has done his task. History will judge him. Whether in honour or in dishonour, he has left the destruction he caused with his family to a safe haven. History is replete with his kind. The foolery is in those who refuse to learn that troubling and troubled leaders are not worth dying for. Only a legitimate government can guarantee peace.

This is instructive, especially to those Nigerians who think if our country burns, they will be airlifted to safety in other countries. No. All of us will be here to suffer. Let the government, all and sundry put our heads together and save Nigeria from Boko Haram, kidnappers, Bandit and all criminalities, today!

Be careful. Stop instigating war and violence. It will consume everyone except very few. 

This Advisory for a peaceful Nigeria is coming to you from the Editor/Publisher of Pegasus Reporters.

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  1. Afghanistan is a completely wrong country from which to make this argument. Rightly or wrongly; they were invaded by a candy view of reality American idealogues. It was never a case of their internal schism leading to the present situation but their Taliban leaders providing bases for the attack on America on 9/11/2001. The war to chase out the Taliban and their Al Qaeda guests was ab initio going to be multi generational. Unfortunately the the candy visions of American meddling is getting another reality check in the universe of you eat your cake and have it. Nigeria and the so called Nigerians are totally in another spectrum of self deceit and delusion. They want something that they are clamoring for some other people to risk their lives and resources to give them. Sooner than later they will all become some one else’s resource.

    • The focus is on the leadership that abandoned them; the people, when the enemy broke in.

      • When the Russians occupied Afghanistan it was the Americans who trained the Taliban resistance..they were allies..they became terrorists when America occupied their country.. Iraq,Libya,were all accused of weapons of mass destruction,tagged terrorists,bombed occupied,and no bombs found….the resolve of the Afghans made them regain their country back,