CHRISTIAN LIFE: Weekly Homilies With Pastor OMJ Ajayi


“Waiting Time of a Man is a Preparation Time for the fulfilment of God’s Divine Purpose in Life” …OMJ Ajayi


It is interesting to know, there is a generation of people that is speaking in tongues on their way to hell. Sometimes, He allows your salary to be delayed, to know if you will start stealing in your office…Sometimes, He allows some loose ladies to start suggesting sex with you, to know if you have grown… But unfortunately, you still fall again. Yes, He will forgive. But, you will still remain in the same class in the school of glory.

Decision separates men!

There is an OIL that comes with separation…The weight of a man is buried in the decisions he makes when no one is watching him …

Many times, God allows you to be lonely so that you can be holy.

Forget this public revival messages all of us are preaching. Many are still behind in the school of glory Not because they chose to, but because they still don’t want to pay the price of separation.

If it takes a man to be married to be responsible, we will not have many married irresponsible men scattered all over the place who are renting houses for their girlfriends, while their wives are still at home. When a man is due for marriage, he should get married.

But don’t tell me to get married because you want me to escape fornication. Marriage is not an escape route into a responsible life. What you cannot control when you are single has the power to control you even when you are married.

No matter how beautiful your wife will be, you will still see other beautiful ladies. Teach me how to die to flesh sir. Teach me that I can live alone in a house alone and yet, I will not think rubbish thoughts. Joseph was not married before he ran away naked from Potiphar’s wife bedroom. It was not a marital ring on his finger that made him refuse that gesture.

But because he knew the future God has planned for Him will be messed up by a single decision.

God wants to raise a generation of young boys and girls that will love God where no one is seeing them.

God wants to raise a breed that doesn’t appear holy only when they see their parents or their pastors.

This holiness by dressing is sending people from choir seats to hellfire. They are dying in secret sins, yet, they have none to cry to, because, once they confess, they will be stigmatized. Consequently, we are raising a generation that is speaking in tongues on their way to hell.

Sister, singing in a choir doesn’t confer value on men before God, but a decision. Stop attaching your spiritual growth on night vigils where you go and flog enemies. God is waiting for you when no one is there. If you can succeed there, you will be a commander of the supernatural.

The greatest tool against the end-time church is the adulteration of the message of grace. They teach you that God will forgive, But they will not teach you that God will not promote you to another class!

No matter how you love your child, you will not give him your car key to use when you know he has not perfected his driving. As long as that child is finding it hard to drive perfectly, he will keep trekking to school.

There is someone reading this post now, heaven is saying that you are due for manifestation, but you have not made a decision yet. You are still afraid of hunger. You don’t want to starve. You are ashamed of what people will say when you stop sleeping with men for money to pay bills.

They have even told you that there is no young person like you that doesn’t have sexual partners. That human being was wired by God to fall and rise again…

Several times, you have made moves to delete all those phone numbers that connect you to your vomits. But you have been afraid of the days of loneliness.

You don’t want to miss those cuddles? You don’t know if you can ever look into his eyes and tell him: “No more sex”. Even if he accepts, you are afraid that you might never cope… Sister, don’t let weekend orgasm rob you of eternal value.

Your enemy is no more that witch in the village. But any man that is making you comfortable in a place of rebellion with God.

Don’t be in church singing in the choir while God will go to the nearest hotel and catch a prostitute, wash her, clean her and fill her with His power.

I know you have been trying to make amends. You have answered altar calls several times, yet, you still fall back, even more, deeper… Some of us were there not too long ago. Singing in the choir, leading in powerful prayer sections, yet, battling with addictions. Worse of all we were afraid to tell anyone…
Because people around would never have understood how much we were trying to be better.

We bought different anointing oil, from different men of God, yet, we were not free…We even afflicted ourselves with fastings…Yet, nothing changed.

Until we encountered the Word of God. When Jesus said that “We are made clean by the Words that I speak unto you…”We began to read and study the Bible…Like Job, we began to esteem God’s Word above our necessary food. Gradually, addictions began to lose their grip. God began to change our appetites…
Until today, the darkness is past, the true Light now shineth.

Brother, I want to recommend you to the Word of God. The Word of God will settle that lust issue. Don’t rush into marriage if you are not ready, because you want to avoid temptation. The spirit of lust does not respect the wedding ring. Especially now that our sisters who are still in Babylon even prefer having it with married men.

There are still single guys who are serving God in spirit and in truth…5 chapters of the bible every day and 1-hour of prayers or more. You will see that your mind will stop going to those thoughts… Jesus did not say it is easy. But He said that with God all things are possible.

Your heart is beating faster now as you are reading this… You are wondering if you will ever get free from the things you are struggling with…

Friend, that God that did it for us, He will show up on your case… Receive grace to feast on the Word from now… In Jesus Name…please teach the young ones in your church and God bless you.

There is no obligation to share. No whips or curses if you don’t share. But we both know that when you share this, it goes a long way to help someone. So I’m asking you to help someone. God is counting on us to represent Him well!

Pastor Olusegun Martins Joshua Ajayi is the CEO of Oceanic Multidimensional Jubilant Global Services.

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