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“Let me call names in this article and I careless whoever feels hurt. Today the number one crime in Nigeria is SUPPOSEDLY Fulani, person die na Fulani, them thief money na Fulani , Buhari makes an appointment, it must be a Fulani, so what then are we doing about it?”

“Geographical (political) demarcation of the South-south of Nigeria

One of the Nigerian politicians whom I have great respect for any time, any day is the Ijaw leader, Asari Dokubo the begetter of all memes today,” una mumu never do, see am… mumu man, you think say you wise abi?”

In one interview Dokubo can deploy a thousand missiles to buttress his point, a fearless man who says it the way it is. What he tells Goodluck Jonathan is not different from what he would tell Buhari, and above all, he lives with us.

Our leaders especially the South-South and South-East una mumu never do? Then for the citizens, una think say una wise abi?

But should I call this negligence, foolishness, or pure stupidity? Wetin dey do us for South? Are we ok? Today the country is marching towards a general election in 2023 that ought to define the future and fate of over 200 million Nigerians.

The politicians and electorates of the South-South and South-East most especially are complacent (thinking they are wise). Una mumu never do? Why can’t we hear the cries of the presidency shifting to the South by these people? How are we negotiating in the next amalgamation taking place in 2023? Is the South-South going to look and bring down all its leaders because of useless ego and rivalry?

It is shameful and nauseating that the South-South is not agitating loudly that power must shift to its region.

I happen to read about 10k or more political comments daily and 70 or more of the commentaries is Fulani taking over control. No Buhari just appointed another Fulani again, nepotism, Fulani oligarchy. etc

Me: And so?

There is an existing agreement that power should shift to the South and yet there are no cries of bringing it to the South-South. Instead, the South-South politicians are discussing the disintegration of Nigeria, how insulting can they be, people are planning to take over power in less than two years and control over 200 million citizens we are busy discussing and wasting energy talking about the break up of Nigeria.

When we ought to be shouting for power shift and strategizing, these politicians would tell you that they don’t see Nigeria as one in 2023.

Help me ask them what would Nigeria be like in 2023 which is about 20 months from now? What will Nigeria see that would make Heaven fall? Hypocrisy, these people that are claiming not seeing Nigeria as one are planning their family ahead o even beyond 2030. I wonder why they don’t vacate Nigeria immediately and go to another country since they say they can’t see a one Nigeria. “Stone wey person dey see dey come no fit blind am.”

What kind of negligence wasting efforts talking about a mirage of a break-up when we should be listing our presidential aspirants and negotiating our stake post-2023.

Edo state for example has the most vibrant social media presence politically in Nigeria, even ahead of Lagos, Edo issues are the most trended political topics ever, but no it is either they are discussing a break up of the country, complaining about Buhari or discussing yansh and breast. And yet their mates across the Geo-political zones are strategizing.

When talking of the South I have deliberately left the South-West out because they are already doing very well in protecting their interest post-2023, and from the way I see it they might snatch the presidential slot.

Envy and Ego na go kill us for South-South, by now we should be presenting our presidential hopefuls instead we are dragging them on the floor.

Let me call names in this article and I careless whoever feels hurt. Today the number one crime in Nigeria is SUPPOSEDLY Fulani, person die na Fulani, them thief money na Fulani , Buhari makes an appointment, it must be a Fulani, so what then are we doing about it?

Is it wrong if an Edo man or Ijaw becomes president and starts empowering Edo people and Ijaw people everywhere?

No, we are not even holding a meeting to seek ways to get power instead we spend our energy on wishful thinking discussing a break-up that would never see the light of the day.

Before anything breaks up there must be a direction to where it is breaking into to avoid lawlessness and chaos.

So where is the direction? Let me tell you the bitter truth you don’t know, yes there would be unrest and insecurity but the government at the centre would curtail it to certain quarters, just like Boko Haram dey fool themselves for certain precincts.

What is wrong if we start projecting Adams Oshiomhole for president? What is bad if even Godwin Obaseki comes out to say he wants to be president? If we say call GEJ back these same electorates will say God forbid, but you will never see the Northerner come and curse Sule Lamido because he wants to be president, they will still shower respect on Atiku, even if Modu Sheriff comes out they won’t insult him.

But here na we talk pass, bla bla bla , look at the Yoruba’s? they have almost concluded on the people that would represent them, but here no way, all the leaders no good, it seems na excursion na Edo people and the South-South wan escort president go Aso Rock in 2023.

Then for the South-East that should be a total discussion for another day. For me, the South-East should have keyed in and replicated June 12 where the world was sympathetic to the Yoruba Nation over the loss of MKO Abiola.

The world would have been sympathetic to their cause and say ok let’s compensate the Igbos with the presidency. But clearly, they don’t care hence I say it is a topic for another day.

For me, the South-South leaders should step up their game and get involved, all this idle talk of succession that they have not worked to get are really irritating, it is painful seeing adults that ought to be scheming to take over governance for their region fueling frivolities when time is ticking away.

Let me give you an instance, all the South-South Governors aside from Cross Rivers State, Ayade are PDP Governors, ask me why are they not shouting that power must come to the South-South? If Wike be president na bad thing?

Look at what is happening at the Federal Civil Service and tell me how many directors of Edo origin are still active?

If we do not want to go into political extinction we must as a matter of urgency put more than we are doing towards this Nation building.

We must learn to start defending our leaders and forget this mumbo jumbo we hide under called Ego. What is the South-South Agenda?

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