Legal Matters: The Principle Of “Uti Possidetis Juris” & The Unfolding Nigerian Case.

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The present milestone is to infiltrate the Southwest west and southeast with Fulani Jihadists…..and deadly weapons.

*Armed bandits in Southern Nigeria’s forests.

Following the escalation of Nigeria’s crisis and the infiltration of Fulani bandits into Southern Nigerian forests, an anonymous writer sent in this piece to educate the people of Southern Nigeria on the implication of ceding their ancestral lands anyhow to the invading bandits. He exposes the law of Uti Possidetis Juris is already ratified as law by the International Court of Justice which implications are as follows:

1. If you are involved in a conflict of any kind, whoever emerges as the winner is the owner of the conquered territory. This law justifies British ownership of Falklands Island after defeating Argentina. It justifies British ownership of Gibraltar over and against Spain. The implication is that if Britain decides tomorrow to claim Nigeria as its territory, all it has to do is to fight and defeat Nigeria.

Under International Law and as ratified by the ICJ, Uti Possidetis Juris supersedes Effective Occupation. By extension, it means your independence as a country is only as good as being able to effectively defend your territorial boundaries. If Ghana for instance claims Nigeria as its territory and effectively fights and defends Nigeria, case closed. That’s why the international community fought against Iraqi’s attempt at the annexation of Kuwait through warfare. Crimea today is part of Russia as opposed to Ukraine on account of Uti Possidetis Juris.

2. Now back to Nigeria. When Biafra announced its secession in 1967 and was duly recognised by some Nations (recognition by member states of UN counts towards state independence under International Law), it was understood by the international community that Biafra acted as a separate from Nigeria thenceforth. Had Biafra succeeded in defending its territory effectively, it would have remained an independent state. Britain helped Nigeria quash that aspiration.

*Fulani Armed bandits move in motor-cycles for ease of combat and accessibility

3. That being the case, before the eyes of the UN and International Court of Justice, Biafra territory is a conquered territory and by application of Uti Possidetis Juris, the property of the conqueror. No amount of preaching or conjuring the laws of the United Nations is valid unless the status quo changes. That’s what international law says. In effect, therefore, it is only Nigeria that can change the status of Biafra no matter how loud you shout.

4. This explains why any talk of the sovereign national conference is viewed as arrogance by the owners of Nigeria. It like using cunning way to cajole them into treating their slaves as equals. They will neither listen to your restructuring or referendum or regionalisation. Being their war spoils, they are not under any punishable obligation to treat you fairly. Forget the nonsense mantra of human rights here. You can’t sue them for making all the service Chief come from the North. As conquerors, they choose how best to administer their territories. Those who are in the conquered territory who show allegiance to the conqueror could receive some incentives. That’s why all your Governors worship and pay homage to their Fulani master.

5. Now the big problem. As Obasanjo earlier hinted, during the civil war, some of the Fulani Janjaweed from across Africa migrated to Nigeria to help the national troupe. They were promised the right of abode after the conquest. Now they are here. They have come to dip the Koran into the Atlantic Ocean as promised by their progenitor Othman Dan Fodio.

Listen to their argument whenever you confront them to relocate anywhere outside the South. They will remind you that it is their ancestral home. Every Fulani carrying radio around knows this. Buhari’s RUGA is all anchored on this belief that they are the real conquerors and owners of the land. Their invasion of the South-East is majorly a brazen attempt to extend their legitimate enclave acquired through the leverage and provisions of Uti Possidetis Juris. They have been duly informed it’s about time to fully establish the Fulani dynasty across Nigeria.

That’s the real Fulanisation agenda Obasanjo and TY Danjuma raised their voice earlier on. Nnamdi Kanu saw it years back. Fulani knows too well that to implement that agenda in the South-East would be a herculean task, hence the gradual advancement and penetration of the Igbo hinterlands and towns. The only way we can change the status quo and regain our freedom is only by fighting back and dealing with the unjust occupier a decisive blow. That’s the only way to upturn the provisions of the Uti Possidetis Juris against us before the eyes of International Law.

No wonder why Biafra through Nnamdi Kanu is trying to raise a formidable army. And don’t be misled, this situation doesn’t provide for a negotiation table. Don’t believe the mantra of “no Victor no vanquished”. It’s not recognised as an instrument of conflict resolution before the international court. Good morning Yoruba nation. Prepare to fight and win if you don’t want your children to be slaves to the Fulani.

There will be a time that your claim to the throne of Obaship of Lagos will be rubbished and this will extend to Oyo Alaafin and Ile-Ife too. It may take a while, but the reality is the Yoruba will eventually be like Palestinians and may have to struggle to exist.

*Armed Fulani herdsmen

Addendum: A significant milestone achieved by the Fulani warriors during the last 200 years is the conquest of the Hausas and the replacement of all their kings with the title of Emirs. All but 5 of them.

Another one is the connivance of the Fulani and The British to name The people of the Southwest “Yaraba” -and now we have owned it and calls ourselves “Yoruba”… Richard Clapperton was involved.

The fourth milestone is their ownership of the conquest of the Biafran civil war.

The fifth milestone is the Buhari election and the seizure of the government with FULANI occupying all significant posts everywhere in the country.

The present milestone is to infiltrate the Southwest west and southeast with Fulani Jihadists…..and deadly weapons.

It is coming and the handwritings are on the wall.

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