No Bullshitting!!!: Father Mbaka Is A Mad Crook!


*Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka

By Harry Agina

Greetings, folks! Here comes the first Praise Worship “SUNDAY-SUNDAY MEDICINE” of the month of May 2021. Today’s song is asking for God’s mercy, in the reggae style of the Jamaican group, “The Mighty Diamonds,” and it is titled “Have Mercy.” But before we get to that, I have to say a word or two about the crook that calls himself a Catholic Reverend Father. I speak of Ejike Mbaka, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

But, you know, I am more pissed off with the Catholic Church than I am with that motherfucker called Father Mbaka. Why? Because I can’t understand why the Catholic Church has not disrobed Mbaka, or whatever it is that they call it when a mischievous Reverend Father is removed from priesthood. Has Father Mbaka not committed enough mischievous acts for the Catholic Order to sack him? That motherfucker is one of the people that have driven me away from the Christian Church with their fraudulent behaviours. I had another one of my conversations between me and my alter-ego, “Mr. No Bullshitting” about Father Mbaka, thus:

MR. NO BULLSHITTING: (Offended) Come on, Harry, don’t start this your new idea of NBB being “more nice and gentle” again, please. You told me that I was born to be nasty and challenge all the fucked-up socio-political-correctness in Nigeria. I’m supposed to be direct, nasty, rude, and hard, without bullshitting, meeeeeeen!!!

HARRY: Sure, but…

MR. NO BULLSHITTING: (Furious) But, no buts, motherfucker!!!

HARRY: (Shocked) Haba! Me, too…motherfucker?

MR. NO BULLSHITTING: (Mellow again) Well, sorry, boss. You made me to lose my cool.

HARRY: (Giggling) Oh my God! I have created a monster that may swallow me, meeeeeeen!!!

MR. NO BULLSHITTING: I said I’m sorry, boss. But you’re pissing me off with this your niceness bullshit. I told you before…create another “nice” blog with saintly character and language; NBB is now mine. Father Mbaka is a fraud, a WANNABE-CONTRACTOR who is deceiving people with a Bible, in search of contracts, and he should be cursed out. He is disgracing the Catholic Church, meeeeeen!!!

HARRY: I totally agree. The motherfucker was praising President Buhari’s useless government with fake visions and lies. He told us that Buhari was sent by God to save Nigeria. And now…

MR. NO BULLSHITTING: (Eager to take over) And, now that Buhari has refused to give him contracts, his songs of praises have turned into false predictions of doom for Buhari. I pray that they will arrest the asshole and throw his ass in jail.

HARRY: A real bastard, if ever there’s one. But, I’m more pissed off with the Catholic Church for allowing the crook to continue his fraud and madness as a Catholic preist, meeeeeeeeen!!!

MR. NO BULLSHITTING: Now you’re talking, meeeeeeeeen!!!

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Enough of Father Mbaka, and time for the Praise Worship medicine of the day, titled “Have Mercy.” It starts with “Guide us Jahman, guide us Jahman…Have mercy on a good man, and help him, we pray Jahman…have mercy on a good girl, and help her, we pray Jahman.” Then, it says something that is very debatable in the modern world of today, thus:

“Man was made TO SUFFER, and women were made TO FEEL THE PAIN…” I’m like…wait just a doggone minute, boys! That was in the old days; today’s women no longer sit at home to feel the pain of the sufferance of their men. They also suffer and work as hard as men now, some even harder than men, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

But, you see, we can’t blame The Mighty Diamonds. They published this song way back in 1976 when a lot of women were still majorly housewives, taking care of the home-front while the men went out to hustle to bring back the bread. So, here is “Have Mercy” for ya.


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