INSECURITY: African Refugees Foundation Calls For Peace In Nigeria


“We shouldn’t be beating any “drums of war…Our challenges are internal, and we should be able to solve them internally “

*Mr. Olujimi Olusola III, Chief Executive Officer of AREF


The Hon. President of the African Refugees Foundation, Chief (Mrs)Opral Benson OON has reiterated the Foundation’s call for peace to pervade Nationwide in Nigeria.

She made this call through the Chief Executive Officer of AREF, Olujimi Olusola III at a recently concluded virtual consultative meeting of Hon Consultants of the Foundation in the UK.

According to her, “the only way to guarantee peace in the Country is for peace to reign”.

“We shouldn’t be beating any “drums of war”.

Our challenges are internal, and we should be able to solve them internally “.

The consultative meeting which was attended by Hon Consultants in Peace Education and Conflict Resolution is reviewing strategies aimed at implementing the Foundation’s flagship peace Education initiative, Project COMPACT.

Project COMPACT is aimed at developing a Corps of Mediators, Peacemakers, And promote a Culture of Peace Training.

According to AREF’s Chief Executive, Mr. Olujimi Olusola III, at this point in time, Nigeria needs peace mediators and programmes, promoting 0 Unity within the Country.

AREF had collaborated with other international NGO’S in Ethiopia and South Africa in promoting project COMPACT with a team led by HRH Kabiyesi Gbenga Sonuga ( past Special Projects Director of AREF, and currently a Patron of the Foundation, and a Royal Father in Ogun State.

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