That Botched Summon of President Buhari to the National Assembly

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The Intrigues, Knowledge Areas, the Right thing for Country and the Failures of Presidential Team

By Kichime Goyang Gotau

First, constitutionally, the principle of separation of power – the fulcrum of representative government allows the executive to form a government and manage same, albeit oversight (supervisory) roles of the legislature. So, the national assembly must understand the spirit and letter of the Constitution and not frequently open talk shops that contradicts the jurisprudence of the rule of law!

*National Assembly Complex, Abuja, Nigeria

Secondly, the three arms of government should and must cooperate and collaborate for a nation state to move forward! This will allow a symbiotic running of the wheels of government and the necessary interface between the government and the governed. No government can thrive and succeed when there exist antagonistic arms with divergent political aspirations and goals.

Thirdly; the Right thing for a country is that a President and Commander-in-Chief must respect the National Assembly (People’s Parliament) as the most excellent duty to the electorate since the national assembly members are a vested source of authority and power now serving as a fiduciary on behalf of the electorates; not just to make law but vet (M&E) presidential input for greater good of the country. Despite this necessity, the right thing for a country is to have a national assembly that is not afraid to confront the Executive over constitutional breaches!

Undoubtedly the extent and excesses of presidential advisory teams over political happenstance and the avoidance and blocking of very needful joint National Assembly and Executive dialogue is a democratic eyesore and a very dangerous failure by these teams of presumably vast technocrats & captains of industries…

The presidential team must be aware that the use of legal excuses and lacuna-bound provisions of the law is very injurious to national harmony and effective political responsibility required of the president and of the government. After all, political solutions give effects and power to the Constitution. For instance, should the people of Zamfara (where homes, businesses and farmers) are slaughtered daily by bandits and extreme assailants, have to resort to self-help to address their fatal plights? The insecurity of the nation must be given participatory efforts; with every stakeholder seen on the deck for action.

When the Representatives from these constituencies collaborate with the executive, there will be optimum result and thus the finding of lasting solutions to the people’s yearnings. I dare say that presidential failure has increased steadily in this government per political correctness! The presidential teams; ministries, departments, parastatals; the organized civil society and communities must continue to demand responsible governance irrespective of the individual(s) involved.

As citizens, Nigeria’s life is our collective responsibility and we must leave the comfort zones of indolence and rescue our most cherished country – Nigeria!

Yes, with these tasks, we can!

Kichime Goyang Gotau writes from Abuja

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