BUHARISM: A General’s Quest for Positive Change and A Journalist’s Time for Investigative Inquest

There are issues bedeviling our country and we can not afford,to be all ostriches, with burrowed heads in the sand, while the winds forcibly expose our unshielded nakedness. Indeed,all over the world, there is a Universal Oath, which is codified by an undeniable spiritual verdict, which prescribes an ingenious testimony, to wit, that, “Truth is an Antidote to Falsehood”!

*President M. Buhari of Nigeria

Unfortunately, this Universally popular dictum has become a difficult and stressful tall order in our country which, perhaps and possibly, indefatigably unknown to us, could be the reason we walk on the opposite side of the road to arrive at our prescribed spiritual destinations! Who knows!

Yes, based on this our chronic mindsets, I have come to observe something phenomenally strange, unconquerable odd and unusually strange in the Nigerian political environment.

And as a social observer, a journalist and an instinctive character with my individual characteristics, prone to my natural vulnerabilities and curious professional dispositions, I have a heavy burden, placed on me, expected to be performed by the Society, as an active intermediary for and on behalf of the society, as a reference moderator and a responsible witness to rely upon, when something psychologically strange is missing in historical perspective, especially, when this strangeness has created a nostalgic lacuna and a banal feeling of discomfort and conflictual agony.

This piece, is therefore, a journalistic allegory or call it, an inquest into and about, the current situational aberrations, or treacherous status-quo ante in the Nigerian political firmanet, which resilience has become a critical source of national debates in the APC, which in the context of it’s frightening dimensions, can best be akin to what this Hausa proverb would seemed to ruefully indicate, or, at least, approximately insinuates or invoke. Also in people who are familiar with the past and who know the password of greatness that defines the past, which has become null and void , and contemporaneously absent today to which differential, the Hausa coined this sarcasm, so it would seem: “Jiya Ba Yau Ba”, which metaphorically represents a hypothetical resentment of how much, ‘things have deteriorated’!

This sarcasm is, I believe, the best way to define, analyze and understandably contextualize the inner dimension of the piteous conflicts that have, in historical context, become both, the nemesis, as well as the greatest threats not only to APC’s existence but alsp to it’s ultimate Survival and final extinction? May God forbid!

I have, for a very long time, been trying to call official attention to the courageously deliberate insubordination as well as insecurity- cum- Vendetta-prone divisions that were being hatched and instigated by some of the PDP moles, who infiltrated APC, as decampees, as former President OBJ’S sponsored Informers and dubious Political mercenaries, spearheaded by a notoriously meddling and power-seeking Kaduna- based, OBJ apologist, whose rebel group have now, in a dubious manner, hijacked the party and have been making disparate moves to finally and exclusively, hijack, dominate and take total control of the party at all cost. They are determined to totally undermining the PMB’s Integrity Charter in an arrogant and uncontrollably provocative manner, objectively meant to, destablise, weaken and destroy it before the 2023 Presidential Elections. This are manifesting in their caveat fallout and repercussions that openly and audaciously brandished by starting to imposed their diabolical agenda, indicating and displaying their pro-OBJ agenda as against the party’s preferred National Arrangements.

This is the cause and crux of the matter and current reasons for the hysterically vociferous public agitations and general appeal by all loyal stakeholders, to the APC leadership to call off the bluff of the rebellious faction by calling them to order,lest they become menacing agents that will completely damage or harm President Muhammadu Buhari’s passionate dedication to our National Dream!

Now, the big questions, begging for answers from concerned Nigerians and Patriotic observers within and outside Nigeria is this:” where are General Buhari,’s Diehard Loyalists, who were the hardcore combatants and ideological disciples who the pro- Buhari Rural Masses are fully familiar with, such as Senator Hanga, Mr. Clement Ebri, and last but not the list, Alhaji Bello Al-Adam, whose efforts and tenacity of purpose inspired the rise and unquenchable thirst as well as fanatical popularity of the CPC in my state of Nasarawa? A state tagged as Baba Buhari’s Flagship State, which became the victory vehicle which branded and marketed CPC throughout the nooks and crannies of rural and urban Nigeria, whose pivotal role in unifying the potentially divisive and fractionally warring CPC, by neatly amalgamating and managing their diversities into a functional and victorious flagship that became the National symbol for Buharian moral crusade, integrity and positive change charter!

These are the people, visibly absent from the political scenes, replaced by total strangers, whose presence is now, more of a tragic liability, than a blessing in the war front.

For Now, I am on a major assignment, as a messenger on errand,..on Courier Service from the Buharian Masses, aka Talakawas”, who keep nagging, blistering and pestering me, to know “where are their familiar face the foot-soldiers and front-line Advocates of Buharism”, they know and whom they have observed, have been off the scene, and replaced by total strangers and sellout opportunists, resulting in the current deplorable impunity in which PMB, our heroes has now become a victim of circumstances, and a popular punching bag, constantly antagonized, demonizingly lionized and menacingly assaulted by irredeemably corrupt and shameless, 419 crooks, hypocrites, bigots and chronic Blackmailers, and Globally stigmatized treasury looters unchallenged in the course of his ( PMB’s) determined journey through the conscience of a defiantly reluctant society,in search of Political Correctness,

So, what we are saying….I mean all the Buharian Masses are asking is: “# Bring Back Our GMB/CPC Foot-soldiers, who know and Value our relationships and Relevance, please”!

Written by: Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi, Founder and National Patron, APC BIG LEAGUE, alias, Buhari Integrity Group Advocates, Nationwide Ambassadors and Grass-root Fellowships, wrote from abdulkarimullahadoka@gmail.com

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