Trump: Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

“The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice.” – Brian Herbert. The U.S. elections are over. Done and dusted. Except for the 2 senatorial seats in Georgia that will go for a run-off 5th of December to determine who controls the Senate. Amidst all the celebration, jubilation & disappointment, it’s important to set the records straight, for posterity.

Contrary to widespread rumours, God is fully interested in politics. He pointedly instructed the prophet Elijah to go and anoint Hazel as replacement for king Hadadezer of Syria. (1 Kings 19:15) There are countless other examples in scripture of God’s direct intervention in political affairs. For those people who claim that the Old Testament is no longer relevant to the Christian/Kingdom enterprise, I’m sorry to say that you are in error. Jesus said, the scripture cannot be broken. (John 10:35) Granted, there are certain practices that are obsolete but the spirit of the scripture remain immutable, because God cannot change. (Malachi 3:6)

That said, Trump was allowed into office by divine design. Under Obama, America was on a fasttrack into moral abyss & Trump’s emergence slowed down that process.

Why is God interested in the U.S? Only two nations in history have been established based on scripture – Israel & the U.S. The founding fathers of America were the Puritans/Pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower from England to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. That was 140 years before the famed declaration of independence. That was when America was born. There were about 120 of those men, their wives & children, including men like William Bradford, William Brewster & others.

Each of those Pilgrims was well versed in scripture and were fluent in written Hebrew language. On that voyage, a vote was taken to choose an official language for the new-found land & English won out over Hebrew by only one vote! Nuff said! Those Pilgrims laid down the culture and values for the New World. They cut a deep covenant with Jehovah to build a nation based on biblical righteousness.

“In God we trust” is not a mere catchphrase or tagline, it was both a statement of faith & a declaration of intent. (There’s enough historical evidence to back up these claims for those who care to learn the truth) The real story, therefore, of the just concluded elections is not that Evangelicals and many Christians misrepresented God in backing Trump; it is that God’s ways and precepts remain inviolable. In terms of achievements in office, Trump hasn’t done too badly, both on the local & the foreign scene.

The biggest threat to modern civilisation is radical Islamic fundamentalism & Trump has demonstrated uncommon courage and competence in dealing with that plague. Back home, his hatred for Obama and the Clintons turned him into an unlikely defender of America’s traditional moral values. Not because he cares about morality but because he despises those more polished and suave opponents who are promoters of the alternative, liberal ideology. I won’t waste time to dwell on Trump’s well- publicised character flaws. Yet he must now learn that God cannot be mocked. All that he required to win this election was to humble himself and learn a thing or two about compassion, empathy and respect for others.

Like a few other leaders used by God in the past, (Habakkuk 1:11) Trump failed the basic hurdle of PRIDE. He lied so much and got away with it until he began to believe in his own invincibility. He despised Joe Biden and convinced himself that he could never lose to such a man. He remained self-absorbed & refused to learn how to truly care about other people by showing some respect. Several key officials in his campaign had advised him to make peace with Cindy McCain, senator McCain’s widow but he bluntly refused.

He resolutely ignored the advice of many of his advisers to moderate his behaviour & rhetoric as polls showed his support evaporating among senior citizens and suburban women. It’s funny how opinion leaders (especially church leaders) blame Trump’s failure on external forces and the NWO. Surely, the NWO cannot regulate the man’s internal temperament & behaviour, especially with regards to respecting others.

Trump uses people. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. In his warped mind, he concluded he could also use God, whom he also doesn’t care about. He wanted worship. Therefore, he must be cast down and left to stew in his own juice of hatred, loneliness and inconsequence. Typically, like all misguided despots, his only fallback option was to stoke racial tensions and set America ablaze.

That plan has failed. Joe Biden will be president. Trump handed it to him on a platter. You only need to look at the numbers to tell the story. 0ver 71 million people voted for Trump against 74 million for Biden. Imagine what could have happened if Trump, instead of posing with the Bible, actually opened it & read just a few Psalms. Or even exercised a little curiosity to meet the Author of the book, Jesus.

I heard that Abraham Lincoln wasn’t a Christian but someone gifted him with a Bible, while in office. And he cherished the book. And fell in love with the Author. And the rest is history.

So, good bye Trump. Welcome Joe Biden & Kamala Harris – our inlaw!

Nothing dey happen! Let brotherly love continue!


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