REACTION: What Does Biden Have for Us? A Muslim Ask

By Abu Mazeedatilkhayr Bin Sa’eed

How much of interest should a Muslim have in the US presidential election? People do wonder about my interest in White House politics. My wives and children engage me in critical discussions on this subject; and we sometimes argue into the nights. I hope I am not wrong for being interested in the white house.

I insist that Trump is rather a curse, but someone in my house contends that the whole of the White House, irrespective of its occupant, is not a blessing to the
Muslim world. I agree with this; but as a conquered realist, I believe in living with a lesser evil than losing it all! I wouldn’t deny the ultimate goal of the US policy in the Muslim world – to perish the only contending ideological Force in Post Cold War era; and thereby sustain the new world order. It is however better to vote and endure a lesser evil, if you were the conquered.

The US foreign policy is usually characterised by a nasty dream, irrespective of the Party in Power. In truth, the Democrats agenda in the Muslim world is not any different from the Republicans’, but if the former is subtly atrocious, the later is unrepentantly stern and severe; and thus, both are hostile and brutal. But from that day, in April 30, 1789, when George Washington stood on the balcony of the Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York and took his oath as the first President of the United States, no American President has been as hostile and unrepentant to the Muslims as Donald Trump.

One meritorious attribute of this Ivanka’s Dad is that he doesn’t pretend that he hates all coloured people. He gallantly upholds the American value of pseudo
freedom and imaginary justice, while carefully inflaming the ember of spirit that “extinguishes” religious fervour in the Muslim gulf.

I could trace his vision and that of all other US presidents from inception to Tocqueville’s understanding of the country’s politics and culture. In 1831, this
ambitious and unusually perceptive twenty-five-year-old French aristocrat had visited the United States. Alexis de Tocqueville’s primary goal was to study the
American system. He then spent nine months travelling round the young country, by steamboat, but also sometimes on horseback and by foot. He visited the bustling Eastern cities, as he also explored the wilderness on the northwestern frontier, had several adventures on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. He even stayed in a log cabin. Throughout the period, he spoke to Americans of every rank and status, including two presidents and Charles Carroll, the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence. Tocqueville’s sojourn in America ultimately led to the writing of a book titled “Democracy in America” on the reflection on American concepts of equality and freedom.

This great book remains, arguably, till date, one of the two most important books on America political life, the Federalist Papers being the other one. But
“Democracy in America” is a larger book which comes in two volumes, published five years apart, in 1835 and 1840.

The volume One of this book describes and analyzes American conditions and political institutions, while the volume Two only examines the effect of American
democracy on what is called American culture – Literature, economics, the family, religion, etc..

If Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s “Social Contract” was declared the philosophical bible of the French revolution, Tocqueville’s work remains the only comprehensive
theoretical atlas of American life and thoughts, including its socio political fraud called democracy. In America, democracy doesn’t elect ideas, it only
chooses to promote the established policy of the state. Thus, Tocqueville’s work perfectly describes the American dream – which is a nightmare for the Muslim world. This is the scary dream tactically documented for us long ago. Whoever becomes the US president, at any point in time, is therefore subservient to this dream.

As a conquered people, we’ll rather go for the lesser evil. Now that the Democrat Biden sails to victory with rigour, what does he have for us in the Muslim world? This inquisitive mind endlessly probes, what does Biden have for us? Each American President comes to the Muslim world with his own style of pain and torture. What does Biden have for the global Muslim Ummah?

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